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Wei Zhao

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Deep learning: Deep neural networks mimic the hierarchical structures in human brains. Their

expressive power is exponentially better than shallow models, and has the potential to better cap-

ture the complex mapping from low level data features to high level semantics. Deep learning is

intrinsically learning a high level representation for the data, and is also called deep representation

learning. Deep learning necessitates large-scale training data. However, labeling large-scale training

data is very time-consuming.

Recommender systems: recommender systems help online users find items (e.g. movies, prod-

ucts) they are interested in. With the rapid development of online social media, the problem of rec-

ommendation has been examined in different contexts.

E-commerce Advertising: In e-commerce platforms, advertising is a very important component

that is beneficial for not only online merchants and the platform, but also the users (improving

user experience by showing them proper ads). Thus, it is important to make the advertising system